Hedge Cutting

I’ve been absent from my blog for a week thanks to visiting cousins in the West Midlands. It’s a nice place, they call it a town in the country I believe. Anyway I’ve been helping said cousin with his garden, which needed some TLC since nothing had been cleared from the autumn.

Hedge cutting Solihull

First thing we tackled was hedge cutting in Solihull, for which we enlisted the help of a couple of Solihull tree surgeons. The guys were very helpful and we managed to get the work done before the bird nesting season, which would have necessitated waiting until after spring to tackle the job! The guys were very efficient and we ended up with a lovely neat hedge.

While they were there, the tree surgeons tackled a few of the trees that needed some attention, pruning the apple trees and removing some branches from the oak. It took a day for them to finish but was well worth it because it left the garden looking a lot neater.

Along with the hedge trimming work, we also tackled overgrown shrubs that needed trimming back and tidying up. It’s surprising what a difference it makes when you cut back a few untamed bushes. Then we cleared some brambles from around the paddock and reclaimed some of the grass to give the ponies more room to roam.

The other major chore was to empty the patio pots, which had been left at the end of the summer. That guy has more pots than I could count! We emptied them all into wheelbarrows and dumped the lot on the compost heap. Not much will survive into the spring – certainly not now! But we did leave a few hardy fuscias to take their chances about coming through again. Sometimes it’s surprising and they just spring up when you thought they were completely dead – and I don’t know how they survive months without water, but they must be pretty hardy.

So once that little job was done, we had a huge pile of pots and empty hanging baskets, just waiting to be refilled later in the year. The whole garden looked a bit bare but it’s now ready to go into spring and start the whole growing process over again. Looking forward to seeing everything in bloom when we visit for the annual barbecue in the summer.

So that was how we spent a few days, then had to go back home for a rest.