Milton Keynes Tree Surgeons

When I needed a tree surgeon in Milton Keynes, my friends recommended MK Tree Surgeons, who have been marvellous. We don’t live there of course, but my father does and we take care of the jobs he needs doing. But sometimes garden jobs are too big and tree removal is one of those that I don’t intend to do myself!

So we called in the tree experts and got them to trim the big oak that grows at the bottom of Dad’s garden and to remove an old, overgrown apple tree. Always seems a shame to take a tree out altogether, but this one was well past its best and wouldn’t have lasted another year. So we decided to bite the bullet and get both jobs done at the same time. In face we trebled up because it seemed pointless trimming the big yew hedge ourselves when the tree surgeons were well equipped to do that too!

That yew hedge must have been around a very long time. It’s pretty tall and just looks as though it’s seen a few things in its lifetime. It happens to be one of those annual jobs that I dread. I have a good hedge trimmer, but it’s still hard work and near on impossible to finish up with straight lines. How those tree guys ended up with such a neat job I’ll never know. Now it’s all set and ready for the birds to nest and it’s pretty thick so provides quite a bit of shelter for them.

The other job was stump removal, which always seems like a small job but requires some stout machinery and not a little expertise. The tree in question was and old ash tree, felled some years ago. Unfortunately ash keeps sprouting from the old trunk so we’ve had to keep removing the new branches – which tend to grow straight up towards the sky. So the best solution was to have the stump removed altogether, which stops it growing of course. The guys did a sterling job of getting rid of the entire stump, then back-filled the hole and finished off with some grass seed.

I’m very pleased with all the work they’ve done in the garden and surprised that it didn’t cost as much as expected – certainly not worth doing all that work myself!